Our location offers a unique charm as being the oldest winery in the county in an area that is not known to grow wine grapes.

As many people come up yearly to taste and enjoy our picturesque views, we realized it is time to offer something more.

The Story

All of this has truly been a family venture and we want to share the love of our land with others. Below you can see the story of where we are today and how we got there.

Started with an Idea

In 2018 the idea was brought up to start a glamping site on the property. It took some convincing, but once we got there we started cleaning the land.

Sustainable and Local

As sustainably is part of who we are, we wanted to be able to use what we have on land and around us. One major commodity we have are trees! So all the structures come from the trees on our property. This property is also completely off grid so we are using all of the resources around us.

Building Process

Along with some friends that helped create the beautiful structure, we hand-crafted all of the parts and pieces that go along with the campsites.


Bring your own tent to camp out on our platforms. Enjoy our campsites with the amenities of personal kitchen, fire pits, and picnic tables. Bathroom and shower with hot water. Enjoy our personal swimming area and fun games! For more information, prices, and bookings, please click the button below.

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If you are unfamiliar with the area please be cautious, GPS can sometimes take the wrong directions and cellular service is limited. Recommend staying on HWY roads and going through Weaverville, Ca.

Address: Alpen Cellars 2000 E. Fork Rd, Trinity Center, CA 96091